Fix a mess of virtual networks

When you support external services, and customers, you accumulate a mess of VPNs, SSH tunnels, and a variety of remote desktop tools.

Dull gives you one tool to manages and monitors all your virtual networks

Give a user access in seconds

A mess of tools takes time to set up and troubleshoot. This is a pain when you have new staff, temporary contractors, or a shift in roles and responsibilities.

Dull deploys access to users in seconds for a seamless experience.

Gain precise access control

If your organisation is given VPN access to a customer, how do you audit access?

Dull encapsulates VPN networks so that you can deploy single endpoints to users and monitor them

Collaborate as equals

When two organisations have Dull, they can set up access with a click of a button

A customer may find a technician to access a server, or a technician may request access to a server.